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Incorporated in 1972, Scooters India Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 Company, situated at 16 Km

mile stone, South-west of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh on NH No 25 and is well

connected by road, rail and air.

SIL is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad spectrum

of conventional and non-conventional fuel driven 3-wheelers.

Company’s plant owes its origin to M/s. Innocenti of Italy from which it bought over the plant

and machinery, design, documentation, copyright etc. The company also possesses the world

right of the trade name LAMBRETTA / LAMBRO.

In 1975, company started its commercial production of Scooters under the brand name of

Vijai Super for domestic market and Lambretta for overseas market. It added one more wheel

to its product range and introduced three wheelers under the brand name of VIKRAM/LAMBRO.

However, in 1997, strategically, the company discontinued its two-wheeler production and

concentrated only on manufacturing and marketing of 3 wheelers. These three wheelers have

become more relevant in the present socio-economic environment as it transports goods and

passengers at least cost.

The company has its own marketing network of Regional Sales Offices all over India, catering

to customer’s requirements in the areas of sales and services.

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